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One of the best things I have purchased.

" I currently have a Geotagger N2 which I use with my Nikon D700. I have had it for two years and it is brilliant. One of the best things I have purchased."



The geotagger Pro is a Fantastic product I have ever brought.

"The geotagger Pro is a Fantastic product I have ever bought. First, the fast shipping for international, it just took a few days since I have ordered the unit online. Second, the customer service is excellent, a great communication. The staff gave me a quite fast response since I have a small question for the unit. And then , the unit can acquire  the GPS signal very fast and GPS datum are accurate. "



The first thing that impressed me was how fast it was ready to go.

"The geotagger N3, this model uses a 3-axis electronic compass like their top of the line model the Geotagger Pro. The N2 uses a 2 axis compass. The first thing that impressed me was how fast it was ready to go. By the time I tuned the camera on and was ready to snap the 1st picture it had already locked on to a satellite and was providing the location info to my Nikon D700. The other big difference is that this model gets its power directly from the camera. The other models have internal batteries that you charge and then only after they run down will it get power from the camera. While having a built-in battery does provide for potentially longer shooting, the N3 is designed to use less power, sleep and take advantage of the Nikon GPS power saving features. I haven't had it long enough to compare battery life, but I did notice that it went to sleep a few seconds after I turned the camera off and was ready almost instantly when I turned the camera back on." READ MORE


Terry White


It is also a big reason why I gladly tell me friends about your products.

"Thank you very much for your help with this whole process.  Your emails have been very helpful and your excellent customer service is a big reason why I continue to return to Solmeta products.  It is also a big reason why I gladly tell me friends about your products."



There are perfect signal conditions for receiver

"Couple of weeks ago I brought Geotagger Pro to Sahara. Despite of common mean, this is quite clean and easy environment for any GPS device (signals acquired in ten seconds !). There are perfect signal conditions for receiver, no interferring radio devices and also very limited chances for recharging built-in battery. Less than week before my departure to Africa, my Getoagger was in troubles because of non-conducting soldered connections between main PCB and board with display. Rest of device was working without problems. Thanks a lot to your colleagues which gave me valuable advices for quick repair.

I'm using regularly Geotagger in central Europe which is much more difficult environment for GPS receiver. Especially in quickly moving car or train can locking to 2+ satellite downlinks easily take more than 10 minutes. Once coordinated, Geotagger can withstand conditions with relatively weak signal for a while.
With original firmware I had some problems with data storage (freezing download at some points which dismised after clearing memory) - it seems this is solved now.
Fully charged Geotagger can last about twelve hours working as tagger. Complete recharging from solar panel took usually about three or four hours. Unfortunately it haven't any possibility to change battery quickly for new one. Geotagger connected to Nikon body can last forever :) although indicator shows empty symbol.
Last firmware also removed beeping when connected to body when Geotagger's internal battery is empty. This is very good because beeping annoyed people around.
Geotagger's PCBs are soldered together without using pin-hole connectors (except receiver board). I understand, this is simple and cheap solution. Unfortunately it isn't very flexble and if you don't handle with Geotagger with care, connections will split. I think some kind of connectors should be more flexible. Please try take in account that DSLR bodies are usually made from alluminium - magnesium alloy and are build like hammer or tank. Geotagger on top this kind of hammer is in praxis weakest part of whole set from mechanical point of view. Well, Geotagger's shell/cover is quite precious and fixes PCBs together in appropriate position but I thinks it is not enough. Soldered connections can although go away due to fatigue breaking like steel in dynamically stressed construction.
I had also small difficulities with compass calibration. Comapass calibration doesn't work well in buildings. Sometimes it can't be done unless I leave the building. I'm not sure if this can be solved with firmware revision or not. I understand that magnetic field in buildings can confuse Geotagger's comapass.


Good functionality (i like built-in compass).
Stable - I had no problem while working with camera (D700, D2x).

Unofficial but working support for linux - I'm using regularly Florian Bauer's lesesolm script. If you can help him with development, please do it.

Nonstandard usb cable - when I lost it I will need another one from you. No PC shop around the world can help me.
No possible "emergency recharging" - f.e. from pack of AA cells or so. This is important on remote places. In hard run Geotagger can suck power from camera body, but this is also suboptimal because recharging camera batteries in field is also difficult.
Sporadically difficulities with compass calibration.


Geotagger Pro is good GPS receiver which works perfectly with my cameras. If it's handled with care, this is reliable piece of whole camera set. Note about handling with care is not only dull sentence in user guide - this is serious rule. It's worth to update firmware occasionally.

I hope future versions of Geotagger will have Galieo and Glonass compatible receiver - this can speed up signal acquiring and reliability. I also hope Geotagger Pro will work with new Nikon D4 body  ;-)  "

Martin Calko

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